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The #Future Arrives at Dawn

From the moment you knock off work until the light of the next morning, countless millions of people have spent your evening hours and sleep time aggressively changing everything about your world.  Every night, night after night.

Every dawn brings much more than a new day.  As you arrive at work, processes have changed, new software was implemented, fresh technology hits the marketplace.  The velocity of this change is staggering, yet it remains interwoven and integrated, so it remains manageable.

At least for now.

With each dawn, elements are evolving faster and faster — pushing the ability of most humans to understand this change, or in some cases, even perceive change.

Thirty years ago, we still experienced dramatic breakthroughs in medicine, aerospace, computers, telecommunications, and beyond.  But breakthroughs were dramatic because they were not commonplace.  They occurred now and then.  Or seemed so because there was only three or four channels of information that offered daily dissemination of news.

News channels aside, today, 70% of all doctorate researchers that existed in hisotry are living on our planet.  Of that number, nearly 70% have received their doctorates since 1970.

The real breakthrough is the number of scientists that we produce each year.  Fresh, creative, and eager to discover.

And many of those young scientists are involved in new, highly specialized disciplines virtually unheard of a decade ago.

And with every dawn, innovation and evolution advances.

We move twice as fast as yesterday, half the speed of tomorrow.