Watch a short slide show on the process and benefits of coaching.

Executive Coaching

Focuses on leadership, high performance, and team management.  I develop and challenge the individual at upper and C-Level executives to engage, manage and motivate high performing individuals and teams.

Business Coaching

Business coaching helps entrepreneurs, small firm practices and other enterprise owners about identifying and overcoming barriers, creating and sticking with strategies and taking the best actions to improve the bottom-line and over-all viability of your business.  As a coach, I work with people looking for new or alternative career avenues.  Often this is due to circumstances beyond their control; this often includes individuals looking for career transition because of a moving desire to find a more balanced lifestyle.   I support clients in realizing traditional career goals, entrepreneurial aspirations, work-life balance issues, professional growth and alternative paths to achieve their vocational and avocational dreams.

Leadership Coaching

Individuals seeking a broader reach and increasing influence in their work, their professional circles and their community benefit from leadership coaching.  Clients seek a stronger connection between personal  life values, integrity, virtuous living and engagement.  The dialogue between coach and client is engaging, vibrant and thought-provoking.  It helps to reflect and refine those individual and collective goals that are essential to being a respected leader at work, at home, in the community and beyond.