Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about executive coaching and the results you can expect to achieve:

Just how does a coaching relationship work?

After a complimentary introductory session, an individual seeks to establish a coaching relationship by requesting a welcome packet.  This provides complete details on privacy issues, goal setting, coach-client protocol, scheduling sessions and other details.  Clients are asked to asked to commit to a one month program — with weekly phone sessions of 45 minutes.  This is a standard approach.  Typically, the client is so pleased with the first four sessions they continue well beyond the first month.

Watch a short slide show on the process and benefits of coaching.

Why should I consider Douglas Arnold as my Executive Coach?

Douglas is an experienced business leader with a dynamic 35+ year career in corporate, agency and nonprofit management.  He holds the CTACC accreditation as a certified life coach with the Coach Training Alliance, an ICF recognized coach academy.

The aim of executive coaching is to enhance your Work/Life balance, your aspirations, your on-the-job effectiveness, performance and ability to lead. Executive coaching also helps you by providing content, process, knowledge and benchmarks to help you leverage your strengths, increase their contributions your organization’s success and improve overall profitability.

If you are in line to take a new executive position, or have the opportunity to take your organization to the next level; or if you are in charge of directing others in your team to achieve ever-increasing and seemingly out-of-reach results, an Executive Coach can guide you to success with a winning plan to leverage your resources to achieve more than you thought possible.

In today’s fast-paced, dynamic and ever-changing business climate, executives need to keep up with the pace of the market. They also need to continually develop and enhance their own strategic decisions making skills as well as the leadership skills of those in their team.

Is the Executive Coaching process confidential?

Because the nature of our executive coaching process is unique, it is important for all partners involved in the program to develop a formal, written confidentiality agreement before coaching begins.

This agreement specifies what information will and will not be shared, in which circumstances, with whom, and how.

The confidentiality agreement helps all executive coaching partners remain sensitive to confidential issues from each other’s points of view. It also holds coaching partners accountable to other members of the partnership before any information is shared with anyone outside the partnership.

Douglas Arnold works for the client first and foremost.  He will honor the proprietary and confidentiality guidelines of your organization, if desired.   However, what is shared in a client coaching session is strictly between the coach and the client.

Will this work for my team as well as individuals?

Yes. From an HR perspective, Douglas Arnold uses and facilitates the same types of proven strategies and methods to establish team mission, vision, strategy, and rules of engagement within a team, division or department environment. This can be done with just one coach or a team of accredited coaches.

Douglas Arnold may also work one-on-one with your team leaders. In addition, individual members of your team may be coached one-on-one to facilitate team meetings, build group effectiveness and achieve high-performance team goals.

What areas will you coach?

Douglas Arnold offer services in a range of areas, however, the most common topics addressed are:

  1. How to think more strategically and how to act entrepreneurial
  2. How to get people thinking more like stakeholders so they will go the extra mile?
  3. How to benchmark key metrics and use them to measure performance
  4. How to determine your worth and your team’s value to the bottom-line
  5. How to drive high-impact and high ROI initiatives and kill activities that waste time and money
  6. How to move you and your team in the same direction
  7. How to get you and your team to agree on the right strategy for any initiative
  8. How to get your boss or your stakeholders to value your results, give you the support you need and understand the challenges you’re facing
  9. How to deal with a boss that tells you that you need to improve results fast, or else
  10. Why some people aren’t held accountable for results and how to start holding them accountable
  11. How to build the organizational capacity to take advantage of market opportunities

Coaching goes beyond individual success — it brings enhancements to organizations as well.

  1. How to position your company to beat the competition
  2. How to recruit, retain, and develop top talent
  3. How to reduce and stop high employee turnover
  4. How to make a quick transition in a new role
  5. How to correct serious “blind spot” some of your top performers may have
  6. How to spend less time on fire’s and more time setting direction for the company
  7. How to create an organization that can quickly and effectively react to rapid changes in the market
  8. How to develop a ‘bench” filled with potential leaders who continue to build and run your organization
  9. How to focus in on the few things that you need to do to be successful – even when faced with many potential priorities
  10. How to kill some of the “sacred cows” and false beliefs in your organization
  11. How to build high-performance teams and achieve measurable results in any department, division and company in any industry or category

What results have you helped other executives, teams and companies achieve?

Douglas Arnold has worked with some of the largest and most prestigious companies in the world. From a the world’s largest charity to a global aerospace giant, my programs have been adopted and implemented around the world.

Because of the nature of our work, your Douglas Arnold can provide approved testimonials and case studies outlining our results in your initial one-on-one meeting and consultation.

How much will this cost?

Douglas Arnold offers a range of services uniquely tailored to fit you and your organization’s specific goals and objectives.  Typically, a client signs on a monthly basis featuring four, 45 minute weekly sessions by phone.  Depending upon your specific situation, specific pricing can be tailored to your needs.

So, how do we get started?

Email Douglas Arnold right now and you’ll be provided a no-obligation, introductory coaching session.  If you then choose to continue, you will be sent a welcome packet that provides information on starting the coaching relationship.  There is no long term contract.

Together, you and Douglas will discuss your goals and objectives so you can start working on a your action plan that will see your career and organization achieve remarkable results.

Copyright 2013, Douglas Arnold LLC

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