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Mettle to Metal

In the days ahead, let's try to remember the reason for these games.

The celebration of excellence through great physical and mental endeavor.

All of these athletes have invested countless hours and sacrificed much to spend as few as seconds taking their skill to the highest possible heights. Often fate is a bad patch of snow, an unintended bump by a fellow competitor, the slightest miscalculation. Years of work; a lifetime of unfulfilled glory.

But for those valiant few who ascend, who through their mettle earn their metal, we should rejoice and reflect on those who persevere and push on to new heights. Let them find an authentic and pure moment of human achievement

Let's put aside politics and ego, festooning and fancy, profit and pandering. Let's focus on this moment and set aside differences. Let's show fine examples of our tolerance, diversity, and inclusiveness.

We will shine. Others will experience. Many will learn.


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