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#Millenials: Find the #Moment

“There is surely nothing other than the single purpose of the present moment.  A person’s life is a succession of moment after moment. When one fully understands the present moment, there will be nothing else to do and nothing else to pursue.”

This are the brilliant words of Yamamoto Tsunetomo, author of Hagukure or The Book of the Samurai.

Coaching is a great lesson for coach and client alike. I learn much from observation and questioning.  One of the invaluable lessons one eventually learns is “there is only now.”

The present is all we hold, all we have.

The future is only a concept.

The past is only a memory.

All actions happen in the now.  Results may be yet to be, but they cannot be guaranteed or assured to become reality until that “now” happens.  And so much can step onto our path while we venture in this moment to the next.

Our five senses only operate in the now.  Our thoughts only happen in the present.  Our complete experience and life of action occurs in this moment only.

So, two simple recommendations.

  • Be Fully Aware in the Now

Be focused and attentive to all that is around you in the present.  Absorb all five senses.  Be mindful of the future, but act in the present. Remember the lessons of the past, but move with confidence now in this moment.  For the past is gone and the future is only a possibility.

  • Make This Moment Count

Navigate your life to your authentic purpose and the goals you set to that purpose — then recognize that the only moment to act upon your dreams and aspirations is in this moment.  For the past is gone and the future is only a possibility.

Why a call to Millenials in particular?  They challenges of your life will be many and they will be diverse.  You face big issues with career, relationships, family, friends, civic change, economics and finding satisfaction with it all.

Work to refine your true and authentic purpose — what drives you, what brings inner peace to your soul.  You may be exploring and refining your true calling — but even in the search be listening to the moment.

Still looking for your meaning and direction in life?  Drop me an email.  We can chat about it.