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Behold, the Birth of the Nano-Gens

May 2013I’ve been re-reading OUTLIERS, Malcolm Gladwell’s insightful book on what makes some successful.

Specifically, I am focused on the chapter about Bill Joy.  Bill is the quiet genius, the computer wizard who almost solely masterminded UNIX.  His cerebral fingerprints are inside all computers.  He twisted the coils of DNA of the Internet.

Today, Joy is reflecting on the human element.  Where do we “cavemen in blue jeans” fit into the equation in the rough start of the New Millenium?  How will future generations adapt and socialize in the wake of this

Joy said, “You can’t solve a problem with the management of technology with more technology.”

This observation deserves greater consideration and expansion.  Many believe that too much reliance on tech solutions may jeopardize the human ability to resolve complex social challenges.  And dependence on technology may be affecting human intelligence development.

Technology advances in ultra-frequent waves today and is accelerating.  The human experience can no longer absorb, maintain or comprehend how rapidly tech evolves today.  This is true on all fronts: chemistry, agriculture, nutrition, energy, medicine, communications, — everywhere, 24/7.

Add to that “velocity of change” the fact that the boomer life experience is decaying while the “nano-generation”* grows and expands.   The oldest Nano-Gens turn 29 this year (2013).  The gap between older and younger generations grows wider by the minute.  It reminds me of the amazing book written in the Sixties where only those under 25 are valued (Logan’s Run).  Boomers, once the rebellious revolutionaries are now the robber barons of the new age.  The generational division grows not just because of technology, but because of economic and class advantage.

* all born on or after January 1, 1984.  This was the year the original Macintosh was publicly introduced with the first affordable consumer technology with real and intuitive graphic user interface (GUI).  I will shorten this term to Nano-Gen.