Two Minute Warning

What if an “official” blew a whistle and walked up to you right now and declared “Two minute warning!”

In 120 seconds your existence would be over.

You would have just enough time to go into panic mode and try to do something, anything, relevant to the end of who you are, what you’ve done with your life, who is important to you.

I pondered this late in the dark hours last night.

Two minutes is a very short period of time to try to sort out and say something to all you love and care about. What to leave as your “final words” to all and forever?

I thought maybe if we considered this today, when we have some moments to reflect and plan, it might mitigate the last minutes.

First, to my wife and best friend, I love you madly and thank you for your comfort, joy and affection. You made my life so much better and full. I am a better man for you.

To my sons — I am so proud of both of you and love you as my life’s greatest treasure. Follow your dreams and be fair and just to all people. Guard our family and our family name. Keep our children safe and happy. Find peace in simple things. Share your gifts with others. Good character is your only map and navigator.

To my many friends and family — oh, the wonderful memories we made together. My life was rich with laughter and good times. Thank you and know I cherish each of you. I hope I can take memory with me beyond this mortal world.

To the world — live authentically and be true to yourself. If you want to cut the soles off your shoes, sit in a tree and learn to play the flute, then that is your genuine self. You cannot be content, satisfied or happy living someone else’s script. Write and live your own.

Time’s almost up.

Two minute warning.