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BrightWorks Initiative for #HR Professionals


Management & Teambuilding Training Initiative

Organizations must advance and prosper with an ever-evolving cast of directors, managers and thought-workers.  Challenged and blessed with a myraid of diversity issues — ethnic, gender, lifestyle and generational — attracting and nurturing the best qualities is truly a strategic opportunity if properly and professionally developed.

Today’s leadership in human resources face growing dimensions that compete with their time and talent. Management needs go far beyond hiriing and firing, negotiations, problem staff, benefits and retirement. People require – demand – more personalized services from their HR departments. Staff development becomes a difficult, time-consuming duty.

BrightWorks offers HR professionals a creative solution to staff development blending a unique harmony of information, innovation and inspiration.

The results: improved teamwork, stronger and more strategic managers, increased cooperation, enhanced communications and stimulated creativity.

BrightWorks focuses on many of the traditional elements of business management, but fully blended with the latest resources on social/emotional intelligence, shared values, character development and critical thinking.

Organization staff become better decision-makers, listeners, team players, writers, innovators and speakers.

BrightWorks considers all the things that negatively influence our ability to be productive.  Putting too much faity in technology, never-ending change, meeting malise and indecisive managers. We consider work/life balance, authenticity of the work ethnic, personal stress and conflicts with individualism in the workplace.  Together, we form a partnership collaboration to look at the realities of activity versus productivity. Business over busy-ness.

BrightWorks is a multi-phase system of leadership lessons and team-builidng training.  We approach this through the five portals of the workplace:  the ‘organization’, the department, small workteams, external relationships and finally, the individual.