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Who is Hiding #Mickey ?

It is a conspiracy that once was kept from the public by a cabal of engineers and industrial designers. Once revealed, thousands have verified the facts behind the rumors and the secrets. And it is all true.

When EPCOT was being created in the 1970s, the Disney execs decided that the classic characters that have global recognition — Mickey Mouse, Minnie and the Goofy gang — would not be represented or a part of the EPCOT experience. No Mickey for you!

But a number of individuals working at Disney, without authority or blessing, began to clandestinely place the famed “Mickey” circle with ears silhouette into obscure, shadowy nooks, crannies and corners throughout EPCOT. The simple three rings was woven into wrought iron fences, ornate fixtures in fountains, along decorated rooflines and tile floors. Dozens of Mickeys were mysteriously ‘dropped’ into existing architectural and interior designs.

The myth and legend of the EPCOT hidden Mickeys was born. Disneymaniacs began to share their discoveries as the Internet connected fans with email, blogs and social media. A cult was born.

Today, Disney openly welcomes the Mickey Mouse Club at EPCOT, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. Hidden Mickeys flourish at every venue, delight young and old when discovered.

Through an underground movement, the imagineers at Disney, along with their ingenious marketing creatives, have transformed the once mysterious secret into another way to delight.

When you think of your talents, your strengths, what ‘Hidden Mickeys’ should you be capitalizing upon? Is the best of your personal brand out of sight?